Sunday, July 6, 2014

Switch to Linux - UberGeek

Swith to Linux -

This is an oldie, but still makes me smile

"We were negotiating with the Pentagon. We had a blue screen of death. That was the last straw.
When you're holding the Moon for ransom, you value stability in an application. Linux gives us the power we need to crush those who oppose us.
It's compatible with our orbiting brain lasers.
I've got a Beowulf cluster of atomic supermen.
I have more friends now.
Genetically engineered cyber-goats. Henchmen with bad teeth. Gorgeous fembots with a penchant for evil.
I mean, Linux runs on anything.
I'm all about: Open Source. Just changed my love life.
You've got to config it. And then you have to write some shell scripts. Update your RPMs. You have to partition your drives. And patch your kernel. Compile your binaries. Check your version dependencies. Probably do that once or twice.
It's just so easy. And so simple. I don't know why everyone doesn't run Linux.
Thank God they don't, or then they would all be supervillains, wouldn't they? Heh heh.
I'm Steve, and I'm a supervillain."

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