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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Scoutbook Is Joining Forces With the BSA National Council

Scoutbook Is Joining Forces With the BSA National Council

Shawn Jackson, the creator and founder of Scoutbook announced April 8th:

"The Boy Scouts of America today announced it has acquired Scoutbook and will work to make it available to the broader Scouting family.

The Scoutbook team is honored that the BSA recognizes the value of the unit-experience and unit-management tools that we created to enhance your Scouting experience. Rest assured that we are working closely with the National Council on transitioning Scoutbook to become a BSA wholly owned and operated resource in a way that continues to ensure a positive experience for you, our existing users.

Visit Scouting Wire today for additional information, including an FAQ. In the weeks and months ahead, we will communicate more about the transition of Scoutbook to the BSA, sharing details as they become available. In addition to watching for communications like this one from the Scoutbook team, please stay tuned to Scouting Wire for updates on our progress and what this change will mean for you in the long term."

"Scoutbook was created in 2013 by Shawn Jackson, a parent and active member of the Scouting community, and its membership has quickly grown to nearly 200,000 users"

How much does Scoutbook cost?  It roughly costs about $1 per scout per year.  The initial cost is $10 for the first 5 boys, with the option of addition additional blocks of 5 scouts for $5.