Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cross Country Snowboarding

Get your skootch on and join the extreme sport of Cross Country Snowboarding.

It's a powerful thing, and you really feel connected to MM (Mother Nature).

"This is an outsiders sport of an outsiders sport (snowboarding), plus we do it outside.  We are rocking a triple entendre."

"One thing about us is when we do go Cross Boarding, we never step out. No way! You're in from sunup to sundown. Stepping out is sacrilege in Cross Country Snowboarding. You just don't do it."

"If you don't switch it up and go goofy every once in a while, you're going to get skootch leg.  You'll know the guys in the chalet, with skootch leg, because they are going to be walking in circles."

Cross Country Snowboarding brings you these excellent moves:

  • Skootchline Blunt
  • Frontside Skootch
  • Backside Skootch

It's all about moving forward, turning around and moving forward.

"We know it's never going to be the big thing. That's the great thing about Cross Country Snowboarding. It's impossible to for it to sell out."

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