Friday, October 16, 2015

Why Do Scouts Go Camping

Why Do Scouts Go Camping

Camping requires living deliberately, examining the essential facts of life.

Camping requires establishing an outpost of civilization, managing resources, setting routines, cooperating, and learning the practicalities of interdependence.

Camping requires recreating the mechanisms of survival, applying specialized skills, depending on what we can do with our hands.

Camping takes us to the frontier where nature and civilization meet; we can learn a lot about both if we keep our eyes open.

Camping separates from everyday life because camping is at odds with everyday life.

Camping means leaving distractions behind; it is just us, the forest, and our fellow Scouts.

Camping means pushing ourselves physically and mentally beyond our normal sphere of comfort.

Camping asks us to take ourselves as we are, it’s hard to be someone you aren’t in the wild.

Camping inspires humility, to confront our frailty in the face of the natural world.

Camping inspires reverence for nature and teaches us where we fit in the grand scheme of things.

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