Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How To Add a Print Button to Blogger

Have you noticed that blogger.com doesn't have a convenient "print" button option?  Luckily PrinterFriendly.com is setup to conveniently add a print button to your blog or any website.

How to place a Print button in your blog:
  1. Visit PrinterFriendly.com
  2. Select "Blogger" from the "Choose Site Type" section.
  3. Choose the look of your button from the "Choose Button" section.
  4. You can leave the defaults in the "Features" section alone.
  5. If you are logged into blogger.com, you can click the "Install Widget" button, and it will auto add to your layout.  If you are not, you will be presented with some JavaScript that you will need to add to a JavaScript widget in your layout.
  6. You can place the widget pretty much anywhere in your blog's layout and it will still end up down in your post's button bar.
  7. Save the layout and enjoy your new print button.
  8. Note that the print button will only appear when you are viewing a "single" post.  If you are viewing "all posts" the button will not appear.

Choose site type and button type

Print button in button bar

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