Friday, December 13, 2013

Unclaimed Property

Ever have an old bank account that you forgot about?  Apparently I did.  Some time after an account goes dormant, it is declared abandoned and is turned over to the state.  Fortunately, the state provides a way for you to claim your "abandoned property".

First, start by going to the State of Utah Unclaimed Property Division website and do a search on your self to see if you have any listed abandoned property.  If you are feeling kind, you can also run a search on your friends and family.  It was a kind family member who notified me of my missing property.

State of Utah Unclaimed Property Division -
"Each year, millions of dollars in bank accounts, stock certificates, checks, insurance checks, bonds and dividends are turned over to the State of Utah because the owners cannot be located. Some of this money could belong to you!
It may take only a couple minutes of your time to see if you or a family member is listed. It's easy, it's free and it's yours."
If you find property tied to your name, you claim it by filling out and submitting a form.  The claiming process involves filling out and printing a form, having a Notary sign it, and finally submitting the form to the state.

A sample of the form I completed


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