Thursday, April 24, 2014

Evermore Theme Park Coming to Pleasant Grove Utah

Evermore Theme Park
A new theme park, by the name of Evermore Park, was announced last week at the Salt Lake Comic Con FanX (April 17th-19th, 2014).  Evermore Park will be a fantasy theme park in Victorian London Era covering more than 45 acres.  Evermore is being described an adventure park, with a fully immersive theatrical experience to rival Disneyland.

Evermore will be opening in 3 phases, with the first phase to be completed in 2015.  Evermore will be open year around and covers 3 seasons: autumn fest (haunt attractions), winter fest (lighting displays), and summer fest (fantasy carnival).

The Park will include elaborate gardens, attractions, a bay and retail shops.  "The park will also feature a three acre lake, a 2 acre town square with a performance stage, four elaborate gardens, and five large attraction spaces, all staffed by a large cast of professional performers."  The main courtyard and retail shops will be free access with the individual attractions will be ticketed separately.

The Evermore Park vision comes from Ken Bretschneider, the creator of the Evermore Pumpkin Fest.  Ken registered the Evermore Park, LLC in September of 2012.  The Evermore Pumpkin Fest hosted more than 5,000 people at Ken's home in October for the Pumpkin Fest, to celebrate the announcement for the Evermore Park.

Area just north of Pleasant Grove Boulevard and North Country Boulevard

Evermore will be built in Pleasant Grove, just north of just north of Pleasant Grove Boulevard and North County Boulevard..

Construction is expected to start this spring with a goal of having a good portion completed by Christmas.  It is expected to fully open in 2015.

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