Saturday, October 25, 2014

Outlook - Enter Network Password - Network SharePoint

Starting about a week ago, whenever I would open my corporate Outlook 2013 (Outlook 365), I would be prompted to "Enter Network Password" for "Network: SharePoint".  If I canceled the prompt, my email did not appear to be affected, so whatever was causing this prompt was not critical.

After much Googling and trying a number of solutions, such as clearing the Credential Manager under Control Panel, and other such similar solutions, nothing seemed to work.  Fortunately, I found one thread that had found a solution.  The cause was an overactive Outlook Add-In plugin called "Outlook Social Connector 2013".  To stop the password prompt, simply clear your SharePoint Social Network Account.  You can also permanently disable the Add-In entirely, if you wish.

Option 1 - Clear SharePoint Social Network Account

Open Outlook 2013, select File, select Account Settings and then select Social Network Accounts.

Click the "X" icon next to the broken SharePoint account to remove the account settings.

You will be prompted to confirm the removal of this connection, select Yes.

The broken SharePoint  account settings will be cleared, and you will no longer be prompted to enter the network password.

Option 2 - Permanently Disable Outlook Social Connector 2013 Add-In

Open Outlook 2013, select File, select Options, select Add-Ins and then select the Go button next to Manage COM Add-ins.

Deselect the Outlook Social Connector 2013 Add-In, and you will no longer be prompted to enter a network password.


Anonymous said...

Well done, sir. My helpdesk guy has been tearing his hair out for weeks on this one.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! This did the trick. Glad I did not have to spend days like the other person. Found this website in a couple minutes of searching.

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Very helpful indeed.

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