Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dominion Expansion Sets


An overview of each expansion:
  • Intrigue: The first expansion, and the most natural. Comes with another set of Treasure/Victory cards, allowing you to support multiple games and/or a 5-6p game (though 5-6p games of Dominion are generally not that much fun). Focuses on interaction and card choices.
  • Seaside: Focused on duration cards, which last between turns. Along with Prosperity, has probably the most powerful Action cards.
  • Alchemy: Introduces Potions, a different kind of “currency”, and emphasizes Action chains, leading to much longer games. Probably not a great first expansion.
  • Prosperity: Adds Colonies and Platinums, and a lot of other over-the-top cards. Probably the most popular expansion, and certainly the most well-received.
  • Cornucopia: A small expansion that focuses on card variety. A more advanced set.
  • Hinterlands: Introduces cards that trigger when you gain or buy them. A more advanced set.
  • Dark Ages: The most complex set so far, with a big emphasis on card interactions. It introduces many new mechanics (including gaining from the trash).


Name Re­lease Date Type Cards Kinds of King­dom card Theme
Dom­in­ion (Base game) Oc­to­ber 2008 Stand­a­lone 500 25 The ori­gin­al game.
In­trigue July 2009 Stand­a­lone 500 25 Decisions among multiple possible effects. Hybrid cards that are both Victory cards and another type.
Sea­side Oc­to­ber 2009 Ex­pan­sion 300 26 Cards with effects that happen on the player's next turn.
Al­che­my May 2010 Ex­pan­sion 150 12 The Potion Treasure as an alternate card cost, with cards that require a Potion as well as Coin to be bought. Decks with large numbers of Action cards.
Pros­per­i­ty Oc­to­ber 2010 Ex­pan­sion 300 25 Expensive cards and Treasures that do something when played in the Buy phase. Higher-value basic Treasure and Victory cards. VP tokens.
Cor­nu­co­pi­a June 2011 Ex­pan­sion 150 13 Cards that are more useful when there is variety in the player's deck.
Hin­ter­lands Oc­to­ber 2011 Ex­pan­sion 300 26 Cards that have an additional effect when bought or otherwise gained.
Dark Ages August 2012 Ex­pan­sion 500 35 Cards that have an additional effect when trashed. Cards that care about the Trash. Cards that upgrade themselves. Ways to upgrade other cards.
Guilds June 2013 Ex­pan­sion 150 13 Coin tokens that can be saved to spend later. Cards you can get more out of by paying extra for them.
Adventures April 2015 Ex­pan­sion 400 30 Cards that can be saved for the right moment. Events, which give you something to buy besides cards. Tokens that can modify cards.
Base Cards June 2012 Re­place­ment Cards 250 0 (A set of all the basic cards—Treasures, Victory, and Curse cards—from the standalones and expansions with new design and different art. No Kingdom Cards.)




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