Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Top 5 Super Bowl Ads of the Year

It was a fierce battle, though only one team could come out on top. Oh wait, we're talking about the ads! The votes are in and here are the Top 5.
1 Lost Dog
That collective "Awww" you heard wasn't about Tom Brady's grin. America's pup was back to pull our heartstrings. Now let's go collectively feel some feelings (and maybe grab a Bud).
2 The Brady Bunch
Bad-guy actor Danny Trejo takes on a famous "Brady Bunch" scene, proving that even Marcia, Marcia, Marcia isn't herself when she's hungry. Stick around, because you won't believe who plays Jan.
3 Revenge
Clash of the Clans
The Best Use of a Celebrity award goes to this spot featuring an angry Liam Neeson — we're talking "Taken" levels of aggression — chewing out his nemesis in a mobile game. If only.
4 Pill
Fiat has come out with a new model that's bigger, wider, and, well, sexier. Their game-day spot credits the new changes to a frisky couple, a series of unlikely events, and a little blue pill.
5 My Bold Dad
Toyota's tribute to dads may have caused more than a few of us to tear up during the game. We dare you to hold back those feelings as a father shows his daughter he's always there for her.


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